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BLUESKY home automation can help make your life so much easier through the installation of smart home technology; from voice-activated systems, automated lighting and breaker panel technology to total house temperature control. However, the biggest problem most homeowners face is the complexity of setting each of these up yourself.

Rest assured that our team of home automation professionals will make sure that the daily use of your smart home is simple and intuitive; thanks to well planned design, training, and support after our installation.

We design and install smart home automation systems to fit any lifestyle.

Smart Solutions

Home Automation

Routines get a lot easier when one tap or voice command turns on selected lights to help you cook, entertain, or get ready for the day. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

We install automated outdoor lighting systems that are low-power while providing maximum beauty. And with turtle-safe options, your beach home can be even more eco-friendly.

The battle of the thermostat will finally be over. Smart scheduling, voice control capabilities, with integrations between your furnace, heat pump or  ductless mini-split home comfort systems. It’s your home… only more comfortable.

Live comfortably, no matter what the Pacific Northwest weather is outside. With the right sized generator, automated cutovers and prescheduled maintenance, you might never know there was a storm going on.

Most electric car drivers choose to charge their vehicles at home overnight. Our electricians have been trained to install car charging equipment and adhere to strict quality, permitting, and inspection requirements. We handle design, permitting, installation and testing.

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