An HVAC Assessment Can Improve Building Efficiency

Many building owners put in or replace a facility’s HVAC system and then do not give it a second thought….until something goes wrong.  An HVAC assessment for commercial buildings and facilities can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.   The assessment will determine where the energy is being used, and how the system can be improved.

What is an HVAC Assessment?

Do you know if your building’s HVAC system is equipped to last another year?  Five years?  Unless you recently replaced it, you would not know if the system is operating efficiently for the building’s current usage.

An HVAC operational assessment provides an overview of the building’s system and controls to identify any potential problems and usage trends based on data, costs, and records.  During the assessment, the system will be tested and analyzed to see if a repair or replacement of parts could increase performance.  Repair or replacement for parts that have wear and tear and are no longer functioning optimally will also be recommended.  The assessment is performed by trained professionals who will analyze the current situation and suggest areas of opportunities for improvements in energy output, reliability, and comfort.

Benefits of An Operational HVAC Assessment

An operational assessment of a facility is used to find out if the system can meet the intended purpose.  It can provide an estimate of the following:

  • Predict the system’s remaining life
  • Indicate current and future potential expenditures
  • Determine preventative maintenance needs

During the assessment, equipment and parts are analyzed by age, location, and capacity.  A metric will be used to categorize each piece based on its condition and performance level.  Performing an operational assessment can give your business an idea of what will be needed to keep the HVAC system in optimal condition, and how much it will cost.

In a factory or building that uses machinery, an overall overview will see if the system can provide consistent cool, humidity-controlled air so equipment can operate optimally.  It also gives insight as to the facility’s usage and cost patterns, which provides a benchmark for the system’s lifespan.

Recommendations for replacements, maintenance, and upgrades will be recommended in a prioritized list.  The list will include immediate changes that will cut costs as well as long-term projects that will need to be planned for.  It will also include an ROI evaluation for each project.  You might discover that you need additional money to prevent a crisis that might cost even more.

Equally important, our expertise and knowledge will determine which actions will not yield a higher efficiency or lower operating costs so you can prioritize those that will make a difference.

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