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Smart technology has infiltrated just about every aspect of society, including the home.  Even simple technology upgrades can boost the efficiency and comfort of your house.  In addition, the ability to control your appliances, lighting, and more is one of the most popular benefits of smart technology.

This automation technology uses internet connectivity so all your devices can be operating through apps on your mobile phone, no matter where you are.  Want to start a load of wash at home while at the grocery store?  Smart technology makes it possible.

Make the Switch to Smart Switches

Traditional switches have become outdated.  Today’s smart switches make it easier to control the lighting in a room.  Keep in mind that they do need additional safety measures as compared to traditional switches to ensure they will function correctly.  They need to have adequate power and the right size breaker as well as a ground wire.  However, the benefits of changing to smart switches far outweigh the extra measures as they save both money and electricity.

Smart Outlets

Just like smart switches, smart outlets can increase convenience.  Smart outlets transform almost any appliance or electronic into a smart device.  Plus, the devices you want to be able to control into the smart outlets and a corresponding app allow you to set timers, turn lights on and off, and more.  You can even use the group settings to turn off every light switch in your home with a click of a button, or set to a schedule

Or, change over to a fast-charging outlet, and your phone or other devices can charge up to 40% faster than a traditional outlet.  Similar to smart switches, smart outlets do require a proper ground.

Smart Bulbs for Big Results

Smart bulbs are the easiest installation option for homeowners who want to upgrade to smart technology but do not want to have to re-wire the house.  No ground is required since they feed off the socket.  And they come in different sizes so they will fit into existing fixtures.   Each bulb can be programmed in an app or by using a voice assistant’s home automation routine, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect.

Switching out incandescent lighting for LED lights can be six times more energy-efficient, and they last longer so it is cost-effective in the long run.

Other Smart Upgrades

There are many different smart products on the market.  From refrigerators with a camera to Bluetooth coffee machines, smart machines have all types of enhancements to make your life easier.  Plus, these machines complete functions faster, use less energy, and can save you money over time.

Smart technology can help upgrade your home into a more convenient and efficient outfit.  And a large portion of your house can be controlled by an app, if you desire.  If you want to upgrade to take advantage of technology and automation, then it is time to make the move to a smart home.

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