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Advances in photovoltaic technology and public incentives to promote solar panel installations have made solar electricity a smart choice for more commercial and residential use. We use the same team of professional employees that does full-service electrical contracting work in factories, businesses, institutions and homes. Don’t leave your solar panel installation and connection to amateurs with minimal training… Trust the experts at BLUESKY.

We provide turn-key solar photovoltaic installations. True energy independence comes from generating your own. When you install solar panels to convert the sun’s rays into solar energy, you lock in your savings now and for the long life of your system.


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Solar Power Solutions

The solar experts at BLUESKY will design a new solar energy system that gives you the best in solar for your home or business, based on your specific needs.

Our professional solar team will install your solar panels in only takes 2-3 days for a typical residential system. However, BLUESKY will also work with you during the rebate paperwork, utility interconnection agreements, permits etc., which  typical turnaround time is 4-8 weeks.


A commercial solar electric system will depend on the system magnitude, location, and other variables.

Today’s solar energy systems have few moving parts and can operate silently and dependably with warranties of up to 25 years. The systems run automatically and efficiently with electronic controllers, however our team at BLUESKY provides an annual maintenance service visit to ensure they are running at optimal performance.

One of the most overlooked parts of the solar panel process is acquiring the proper permits.  Rest assured that BLUESKY will secure all the local permitting required for you solar project.

Once your solor panels are installed, you will will need to register them with your local utility district to earn energy credit saving you money.  BLUESKY will work with the Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish PUD, and the Skagit PUD to prepare all necessary utility paperwork.

Solar Energy Rebates and the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits vary from year to year, however our team at BLUESKY will help you qualify for both federal and state incentive programs.

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